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Minimally Invasive Knee Replacement Surgery


Minimally invasive Sub vastus quadricep sparing is a specialised technique of doing knee replacement in which the thigh muscle or the quadriceps muscle is not cut.

The incision is about 4 inches in length there is minimum dissection of soft tissue.

Then gradually lifting the quadriceps without cutting the muscle.

Carefully placing the implants with precision checking for the stability on table and then closing the joint.

The healing is much faster and stitch less surgery is also an option given to the patient.

Benefits of minimally invasive subvastus technique outweigh the traditional method in many ways.

  • DAY 0 : Same day walk
  • DAY 1 TO 2 : Walking and stair climbing
  • DAY 3-5 : Discharge
  • DAY 14 : Stitch removal

Implants J & J - PFC Sigma , Attune | Zimmerbiomet - Nexgen , Vangaurd, Agc | Smith and nephew - oxinium genesis | Gold Knee and also patient specific Implants.

Partial knee replacement

A partial knee replacement is surgery to replace only one part of a damaged knee. It can replace either the inside (medial) part, the outside (lateral) part.


Partial knee replacement surgery removes damaged tissue and bone in the knee joint. It is done when arthritis is present in only part of the knee. The areas are replaced with a man-made implant, called a prosthesis . The rest of your knee is preserved. Partial knee replacements can be done by subvastus approach and often done with smaller incisions, so there is less recovery time. Before surgery, you will be given medicine that blocks pain (anesthesia). You will have one of two anesthesia types:

General anesthesia. You will be asleep and pain-free during the procedure.

Regional (spinal or epidural) anesthesia. You will be numb below your waist. You will also get medicines to make you relax or feel sleepy.

If there is damage to more than one part of your knee, you may need a total knee replacement. Most of the time this is not needed, because tests done before the procedure would have shown this damage.

The damaged bone and tissue are removed.

A part made from plastic and metal is placed into the knee. The knee is closed in layers. However every patient is not for a partial knee replacement.


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